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My congratulations to all winners, mainly three of them, including Omara Portuondo, Carlos Vives and Calle 13, said Juanes

in a message sent from his webpage in Twitter website.

Juanes skipped the Grammy ceremony, broadcast by TV channels and on the Internet yesterday, but was on the alert for results.

Omara Portuondo won her Latin Grammy for her CD "Gracias" (Thanks) in the category of Best Contemporary Tropical Disc, in

collaboration with Cubans Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes, and Brazilian Chico Buarque.

Cuban Chucho Valdes won a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Disc with "Juntos Para Siempre" (Forever Together), played in a duet

with his father Bebo Valdes.

Colombian Carlos Vives won a Grammy for a disc dedicated to the children, "Pombo Musical," while urban music group Calle 13,

from Puerto Rico, won all five Grammy prizes they were nominated for.


Source: Prensa Latina 

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