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A new medical training program being applied by Cuba in different countries of the world has begun to be implemented on the Tanzanian island of Pemba, in the Indic Ocean.

With the assistance of three Cuban medicine professor the course began in that Tanzanian territory with the attendance of 15 students from Pemba and Unguja islands in a facility that belongs to the Medical School opened by Cuba in Zanzibar two years ago, according to a report by the Cuban embassy in Tanzania.

At the inauguration ceremony, the head of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Tanzania, Doctor Damodar Peña Penton, stressed the significance of opening the medical course in such remote place and called on Cuban professors to commit themselves to the training of doctors with high professional and humane values.

Meanwhile local authorities in Pemba expressed their gratefulness to the Cuban people and government and affirmed their decision to fully support the medical program, which will help counter the lack of doctors in Tanzania.

Pemba, an island largely inhabited by people of Moslem religion, is under the jurisdiction of Zanzibar, which in 1964 united with Tanganyika to form today´s United Republic of Tanzania.


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