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Cuba's Health Ministry launched a summer Public Health Prevention Campaign aimed at reducing the high incidence of diseases that are frequent during summer time. Cuban Deputy Minister for Epidemiology Luis Estruch said that this crusade involves every entity, institution and the community.

The campaign includes the reinforcement of health and hygiene measures, urging people to wash their hands as well as fruits and vegetables, and let drinking water boil for at least 10 minutes.

Dr. Estruch said that during July and August, due to the high temperatures, the number of cases of acute diarrhoea increases.

The deputy Minister also warned that home, traffic and drowning accidents increase during these months for most people are on vacation.

Estruch also urged the population not to forget the use of condoms, especially if having casual sex.

Finally, the deputy minister said that there have only occurred 20 cases of Dengue in Cuba this year, all in people infected abroad, who were given treatment early enough to prevent the disease from spreading.

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