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Cuba Reiterates Supports of Fair Solution for Western Sahara Issue
During a speech before the UN Special Committee on Decolonization, Cuba representative Abelardo Moreno said the United Nations had reaffirmed on numerous occasions that the conflict in Western Sahara was a question of decolonization and, therefore, fell under the UN direct responsibility.

Moreno stressed that the Special Committee must play a central role in considering the issue. As confirmed by numerous resolutions, only the Saharawi people could decide their own future, without conditions of any kind.

Over the last few years, four rounds of negotiations have been carried out under the Secretary-General auspices and the parties have reaffirmed their intention to continue these negotiations. Hopefully a solution will be found that will guarantee self-determination for the Saharawi people on the basis of the United Nations Charter and resolution 1514, he continued.

Moreno explained that the Saharawi people need the support of the international community and explained that, despite its modest resources, Cuba has contributed to their development, especially in terms of education.

In accordance with the Assembly annual appeals for offers of study and training opportunities to the people of Non-Self-Governing Territories, 475 Saharawi students are now studying in Cuba, he recalled.


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