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 In Ciego de Ávila, Cuba Transplanted Rice Increases Yields
As stated by Francisco Cabrera, specialist in rice cultivation, that kind of plantation is an advanced technology in the so-call it specialized harvest, but it is also valid in the popular development of the grain.  

Cabrera explained that peasants prepare the seedbeds in advance to grow the seedlings, which later are planted on reaching the optimal vegetative development.  

Thus they guarantee a hundred percent germination, which achievement is followed by using the right lands with the humidity required, and furrows keeping little distance among them in order to avoid the proliferation of weeds.

The peasants of the municipality of Chambas distinguish for using such procedure, in particular those belonging to the Máximo Gómez and Ignacio Agramonte credit and service cooperatives.  Those peasants also introduce new varieties, level

the lands and improve the watering systems.

The current rice harvest, with people’s participation, started in March in the province of Ciego de Ávila will last until August. The duration aims at exceeding the 1 900 hectares planned and reducing imports.

The Avilanian cooperative-rural sector will sell to the State some 4 600 tons (100 000 quintals) of rice, as expressed by Noel Gil, President of National Association of Small Farmers in the territory.

According to calculations taking into account the current prices of the grain at the international market, Cuba invests around 500 000 dollars to provide the rice required by the province during the  year.


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