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Cuban doctors have inaugurated a series of new health services in Tuvalu a small island nation in the Pacific
In a letter for the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the three doctors offering their services in Tuvalu, one since October 2008 and the others since last February, say they have attended 3,496 patients, and saved 53 lives.

They have assisted 76 labors, and done the first 11 cesarean sections and 47 surgeries ever in that country.

Doctors Livan Rojas, Ileana del Valle, and Rolando Garcia stressed in the letter that they have opened ultrasound and abortion services, as well as specialized consultations on hypertension, diabetes, and chronic diseases in children.

In addition, they are making the first steps for the implementation of the family medicine model, and for that, they have visited the nine islands comprising the country.

As part of the aid to train local staff, the specialists have developed nine courses on primary health care, and how to deal with seriously ill patients, among other subjects.


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