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Cuban TV is shooting a miniseries about an unknown Marti
The director of the program, Dagmara Soto talked with the reporter of the Jose Marti Portal of the CEM and with great enthusiasm referred about the project about this integral man (the greatest of the Cuban politicians, according to Fidel Castro) in a part of his life not related with the independence leader, the writer of the poet.

Poesía mayor, la ciencia en Martí, (Bigger poetry, science in Marti) will be the title of this miniseries, conducted by the experimented Cuban journalists Alexis Schlachter, who achieved an spectacular TV triumph some years ago with the series La otra Geografia (The other geography) that included for the first time the controversial regetton in a Cuban TV program.

Schlachter, who, for most of the people is the national journalist who has done the most to include science and technique in the media, is very exited with the format of the project that includes questions and answers of the people in small episodes that have the long of a shoot.

(Centro de Estudios Martianos)

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