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UN Includes Cuban Technology in South-South Cooperation
Stabilak is a system created by the National Agricultural and Cattle Raising Sanitation Center (CENSA) used in Cuba for the preservation of more than half of the milk produced in the Caribbean nation.
CENSA experts told ACN that the inclusion of Stabilak in IDEASS recognizes the work of CENSA, created in 1969 to preserve animals, plants and human’s health.

IDEASS emerged in 2002 as part of multilateral programs for human development. It was created for the international promotion of innovations that could contribute to territorial development of the countries where it operates: Albania, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Lebanon, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay and in Central America, according to UNDP experts.

Pastor Ponce, head of CENSA’s Research and Development project, explained that the Cuban product prevents the milk from becoming acidic even under summer conditions.

Cuba guarantees one liter of milk daily to all children from 0-7 years of age, a total of 66,960, without regards to religious beliefs, race or political trends of their parents.
In addition, the government gives priority to the milk distribution to hospitals, elderly-care homes and more than 1,110 kindergartens, among other related facilities.


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