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Ernesto Guevara Cardio Center in Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba, just performed its 1,000th angioplasty
The Ernesto Guevara Cardio Center in Santa Clara, Villa Clara just performed its 1,000th angioplasty; a number that could be much higher if not for the US blockade against Cuba.

This minimal access surgery, using a catheter, eliminates clots in the arteries. The operation has a 96 percent success rate in Cuba, similar to that around the world, said Dr. Luis Felipe Vega, a cardio specialist at the center.

The Ernesto Guevara Cardio Center began to offer this service in 2003, but it was paralyzed for more than two years because of difficulties in obtaining parts to repair the equipment due to the US blockade.

Without this state-of-the-art equipment, the surgery becomes very complicated requiring an operation of the thorax, which is much more risky and requires a longer hospital stay and recovery time. With minimal access, patients are generally back at home in less than 24 hours following surgery.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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