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Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro: Absurd Reaction to a Defeat
In an article entitled An Absurd Reaction to a Defeat, released by Cubadebate website, Fidel Castro says that most main Western news agencies (eight of them), released the news about the detention of Walter Kendall Myers and his wife Gwendolyn Steingraber Myers.

"The curious thing is that this news was released 24 hours after the defeat of US diplomacy at the OAS General Assembly," he adds.

"It is really strange that if these people were under control because FBI agents deceived them, making them believe they were also Cuban spies, why weren't they arrested before rather than just now?

"Will the game of alleged justice start now against two people already morally crushed by accusations that may predetermine the behaviour of the jury that is supposed to decide whether they are guilty, wonders Fidel.

"They will surely not be treated as kindly as the terrorists recruited by the US government to destroy a Cuban civil plane with all passengers and crew on board and commit horrible crimes against our people, those who even violated US law by committing numerous terrorist actions, despicable in their own territory, says Fidel.


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