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Las Tunas, Cuba Protects Its Soil
In declarations to Radio Victoria, the expert recognized that although these results help to mitigate the problem partly, they are even insufficient, if one keeps in mind the worsening of the situation after the passage of two powerful hurricanes through this eastern region.

With the purpose of reducing the impoverishment of the arable surface because of the impact of the drought and other climatic setbacks, the farmers appeal to the use of organic fertilizers, the animal traction, the rotation of cultivations, the sowing of more resistant and more productive varieties, the biological fight against the plagues, the leveling of the land, the proper drainage, and other techniques that guarantee the ecological and sustainable agrarian development.

The CITMA also reported that there are advances in the reforestation, vital task for this province, because besides having the less percent of forest in Cuba, its vegetation was very damage by the last hurricanes.

Las Tunas has also progressed in the defense of the biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems, hydrographic basins, and species in extinction danger.

However, there are still powerful reasons to continue promoting a culture toward nature in views to find a balace between the human being and his environment.

In spite of the undeniable progresses, there are abuses against the atmosphere, such as the indiscriminate cutting of trees, the stealthy hunting and fishing, the not appropriate deposition of the residual solids or liquids, the extraction of sand in not authorized places, indiscriminate fire to overgrowths or garbage, and the excessive expense of fuels and electricity, among many other avoidable errors.


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