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Venezuelan facilitators will travel to Bahia, Brazil to implement the Cuban literacy method Yo, sí puedo
Venezuelan facilitators will travel to Bahia, Brazil to share experiences of the Mission Robinson campaign

The secretary of Education in the state of Bahia, Adeum Saber, said that the state will draw on experiences of the Mission Robinson literacy campaign undertaken in Venezuela to implement the project in Brazil, reported the Bolivarian News Agency (ABN).

Mission Robinson taught 3.5 million Venezuelans how to read and write between 2003 and 2007 using the Yo, sí puedo method created by the Latin American and Caribbean Pedagogical Institute (IPLAC) in Havana.

Venezuela was declared an illiteracy free territory by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), becoming only the second country in Latin America to achieve this; Cuba was the first.

Yo, sí puedo uses audiovisual technologies to facilitate the learning process and is aimed at often neglected, and marginalized segments of the population to give them regular schooling and access to information and communication technologies.

According to ABN, the number of illiterates in Bahia is estimated at 2 million. Saber said that the short-term goal is teaching some 20,000 people before the end of this year and half a million by 2010.

The Yo, sí puedo teaching method will operate as a pilot government program in Bahia that could later be extended across Brazil.


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