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In Botswana More Cuban Doctors Join Medical Mission
The Cuban professionals were welcomed by first deputy health minister Gus Matlhabaphiri.

Upon welcoming the doctors at a ceremony attended by the Cuban ambassador to the African country, the Botswanan government official stressed we are very pleased with your presence here, with the ongoing cooperation between our two nations, PL news reports.

Meanwhile, the head of the Cuban medical mission in Botswana Aniuska Palacio said that the health professionals will join others who have been in the country for one year; they will assist the people of Botswana in five districts where there were no Cuban medical workers before.

The group of specialists includes medical doctors, pharmacists, therapists and electro-medicine engineers.

Another 13 Cuban health professionals are expected to arrive in the African nation to increase the number of specialists to 65, said Palacio.

Cuba began its medical cooperation with Botswana in the 1980; since 2003 the cooperation initiative is carried out by what is known as the Cuban Integral Health Program.


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