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Holguin: Second Province in Cuba to Offer the Surgery on Parkinson’s Disease
Functional surgery on patients suffering from Parkinson´s disease was introduced Wednesday at the Lucia Iñiguez Landín Hospital in the eastern province of Holguin.

Dr. Julio Selva, head of the medical staff that performed the operation, explained that the technique uses minimal access surgery that goes deep into brain to adjust the altered nucleus to improve the clinical symptoms of the patient.

The surgery is indicated for patients in advanced stages for symptoms that have become resistant to medication. The new procedure reverts 50 percent of the clinical manifestations of Parkinson's, and up to 70 percent of functional ability.

Dr. Selva said that with this new medical procedure, the Lucia Iñiguez Hospital entered the fourth phase of development of the stereotactic method, preceded by Craniotomy and Biopsy techniques, and the Guided Vascular and Brachytherapy with Iridium implantation 192 in malignant brain tumors.

The medical staff that performed the surgery was trained at the CIREN, an institution that has supported neurosurgery in the province of Holguin since 1999.


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