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Cuba Has Also Overcome the Biological Wars
On May 29th in the region of Sancti Spiritus, between 10 and 10:30 in the morning, witnesses saw various sized balloons fall and dissolve once they hit land. They were launched from a very high altitude.

The leader of the Revolution said then: “We are considering the possibility that imperialism is attempting or testing the use of a more aggressive and inhuman means of attack: the use of biological weapons or viruses against our economy and people”.

Later it would be verified through official US government documents that since 1962 they had used different biological agents against Cuba. The Cuba Project would turn into Operation Mongoose. Presented in 1962, it appeared as task number 32, as follows:

“The CIA will submit on February 15th a plan to cause the destruction of the Cuban agricultural harvest”.

As if this evidence were not enough, Eduardo Arosarena, of the terrorist organization OMEGA 7, publicly recognized in 1984 that he participated in an operation in 1980 that would introduce germs to the island as part of the biological war.

Between 1979 and 1982 the CIA introduced four destructive plagues that affected the population and crops: hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, hemorrhagic dengue, and pests that affected the sugar cane fields, and tobacco plantations.

With the hemorrhagic dengue alone in 1981, 340,000 people were affected of whom 158 died, among them 101 children.

At different times, germs against citrus and coffee, which ruined the crops one year, and the Thrips Palmi, devastating crops like potato, have also been reported.

Cuba’s denunciation on that occasion gave details that leave no doubt about where these attacks were coming from, including times and methods used to place the dangerous biological agents on the island.

On October 21, 1996, at 10:08am, crewmembers of a regular commercial flight of Cubana Airlines observed the flight along the Giron corridor, in the western part of the island, of a single engine plane that was flying from north to south some 300 meters above them and sprayed unknown substances some seven times.

According to the air traffic control registry, at that time the plane flying through the Giron corridor was the US fumigation aircraft model N3098M operated by the US State Department.

On December 18th, only 48 days later, the presence of the Thrips Palmi plague was detected in the potato plantations in the same area which the US aircraft flew over in the region of Jovellanos in the province of Matanzas.

After rigorous research, the Central Quarantine Laboratory confirmed that the insect analyzed was of Asian origin and at that time was unknown in the region.

One more proof that over these last 50 years, US imperialism has used a broad range of attacks against Cuba in its attempts to destroy the Revolution. The Cuban people have resisted and overcome all of those attempts.


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