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Cuban GM Leinier Dominguez Draws with Former Leader Shirov
In his last match with white pieces in this event, Dominguez (2,721 ELO) chose the Spanish Opening and in 50 moves tied, after having some time problems in the 40th move.

Experts following the event over internet praised the Cuban’s performance, who at some point managed to have a bishop’s advantage on the white squares active in the center of the game and put some pressure on a

weak pawn Shirov (2,745) had.

Dominguez and Shirov had played a similar game in the Aerosvit 2007, and the Cuban lost. That time he played Ac2, but this time he changed to Ae3 with a better result.

Now Leinier accumulates 4 points, while Shirov descended to the second position with 5.5, since Carlsen (2,770) defeated Wang and now has 6 points.

The Norwegian Wonder Boy smashed the Chinese GM is just 33 moves of a Slav Defense.

Former World Campion and current ranking leader Bulgarian Veselin Topalov (2,812) fought hard to beat Ukrainian Ivanchuk (2,746), the fifth loss suffered by the former M-Tel champ.

This Saturday the 6 GMs will play the final round as follows: Carlsen-Shirov, Dominguez-Ivanchuk and Topalov-Wang.


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