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Honor Award for Graziella Pogolotti and Juan Padrón in Cubadisco 2009
Composer Roberto Valera confirmed the lucidity and ethical compormise of the important intellectual who has left indispensable work for the understanding of Cuban literature and art, when he highlighted the intellectual quality of Pogolotti.

Inn her thank you words, the essay writer and art critic, the author of titles of great depth and academic rigor such as Experiencia de la crítica y la compilación Polémicas culturales de los 60, valued that the handing in of the Honor Award of Cubadisco has taken place in an edition that is dedicated to the relationship between sound creation and children´s universe.

On the other hand, Juan Padrón, the creator of the famous animated movies Elpidio Valdés, was satisfied because his work has contributed to promote in children their knowledge of our cultural identity, history and popular traditions.

In the forum, which included the assistance of musicologists, artists and researchers from Cuba and Puerto Rico, the singer Danny Rivera made clear the deep cultural roots of the music event and ratified the importance of having children at the center of their actions.

The Puerto Rican singer and composer Germán Wilkins, known in our country mainly for the theme Sopa de Caracol, with which it went up in the top hit list during the 1990´s , talked about the impint that was left in him by seeing how Cuban children may develop their talent and creativity through art.

The representative of the United Nations Fund for Childhood, Juan José Ortiz, took advantage of the encounter to express his admiration for the oportunitions that are offered to children in our country, where “to talk about childhood is to talk about the great Cuban treasure.”


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