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Cuba graduates the first Mexican student in Sclera Therapy
He had never visited Cuba before. He was neither hopeless to know the natural beauty of the Caiman of the West Indies. The qualified specialty in Sclera- Therapy with foam offered by Cuba gave this opportunity to Doctor Julio Cesar Martinez Gomez, from Monterrey, Mexico.

"Doctor Antonio Suarez Cabrera, head of Angiology and Vascular Surgery of the Clinical and Surgical Hospital Freyre de Andrade, attended the XIII Congress of Phlebotomy and Lymphocyte, held in my country in 2006, where there was exposed the Cuban experience achieved with the application of the Sclera-Therapy with Foam.

"I had references of the activities held by Professor Valiente Guerrero Gonzalez and other Mexican scientist collaborators as Doctor Galindo. I was able to grasp the theoretical knowledge of Phlebotomy, but not practical. Everything is different here, it is more accessible and widener to the studies.

"During that event, Doctor Suarez proposed to open a post graduated course on Clinic Phlebotomy and Sclera-Therapy in Cuba, an idea that was taken with the approval of the participants.

"Later I read the announcement in Internet. I made all my corresponding procedures and, here I am since last March 31st!

"I confess you; this has been a unique experience, impressive. You have the privilege to have free education and health, kindness nonexistent in other countries, even, on those developed ones.

"It is amazing the affectionate and communicative relation I could appreciate between doctors and patients. In my country that interrelation does not exist. First, the patient has to seek for audience to be assisted and, besides, pay for the service they receive.

"I have learnt more than what I could imagine in a little while. So much, I could be able to practically demonstrate the knowledge acquired. To treat venous trunks, know the communicating vessels, the perforating ones, they were always the objectives that were part of my dreams until this moment.

"During my stay in this beautiful archipelago I had visited several hospitals from the Capital: Hermanos Ameijeiras, Freyre de Andrade and others. I was captivated with the Cuban Health System: developed, free and accessible for all without exclusion.

"I believe that Doctor Suarez and his team had considerably improved this original technique. For example, they use the Volumetric Law to know the dose to inject in the vein. In Mexico neither we take into consideration the general volumetric, nor it is followed the rehabilitation or the consultation to the patient to check the improvement, like it is done here. We neither use the holder, where the treat leg stays for around 10 minutes.

"There had been intensive school days, productive, where solidarity had prevailed and the desire to transmit and exchange knowledge and experiences. I’ll return to my beloved Mexico full of dreams, of love to the human race, that much that I am eager to put into practice the knowledge in the Civil Society with no profit motive in mind in Feet Foundation, Science and Health I am the president of, mainly with those persons having low spending power.

"It is a painless procedure; the patient almost feels no pains. The treatment with foam gives the patient better results than those with the conventional techniques and it is also more efficient and economic.

"I leave this country impressed with the human richness, idiosyncrasy and solidarity spirit of the Cuban people, of the quality of its Health System that spares no efforts to increase the life quality of its people.

"The severe vein failure constitutes a health problem in the world, mainly in those poor countries and underdeveloped ones of the planet. I recommend other colleagues to register this course. I am sure it will be very useful".

(El Habanero)

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