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Cuba’s achievements in eye prosthesis rehabilitation for children and adults
The island has a national face rehabilitation network, with headquarters at Havana’s Center of Medical-Surgical Investigations (CIMEQ), which includes these prostheses, said second degree specialist in stomatologic and dental-maxillofacial prostheses, Dr. Arturo Novoa.

Conceived in 1999, the network has already benefited some 1,500 Cuban people. Among centers offering eye prosthesis service are the Stomatology School, the Luis Díaz Soto Military Medicine Institute and the Ramón Pando Ferrer Cuban Ophthalmology Institute.

“The eyes are the only organs in the face which can be lost due to congenital lesions, infections, accidents or malignant tumors. There are children who are born without them,” Dr. Novoa said.

“The lack of an eye requires a special treatment for each person for the eye socket of the affected side to grow normally as the healthy side.”

In Cuba, these cases are not so frequent, but there is an increasing number of patients who come from other countries, patients who have been operated and need eye prostheses.


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