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National TV Festival in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba

According to Tomás San Gil Lorenzo, the program scheduling vice director of the Avilanian Television, the selection, that took place during the contest of the IX Provincial Festival, includes, in the real facts category, the news magazine Beyond TVA, by producer Noralis Laurencio; After the Footsteps of El Vaquerito, by Alfredo Fernández Arcia, from Moron TEVÉ; the feature Tomato Harvest, by Mavys Ibarra, from Majagua Vision 63; and the cultural news show Vital Space, by Jorge Luis Neyra.  

This modality also includes the interview Longing for the Ring; the piece of information A big one Graduates; and the comment The Best Does Not Win, all by the correspondent Randolph Medina Alonso. 

In the re-creation of reality category fell the cultural magazine Coffee Chat by Idamir Pérez Hernández, who is also the director of the artevideo Disorder; the historic program Foot on the Ground, by Alina Dueñas; the video clip Cloudburst, by Jorge Luis Neyra; and the cultural video Walker, by Néstor Labrada.  

Other works will also be present at the Festival, among them,  Count on Me, that had previously won a mention, the scientific-technical video, the social counselling program Days of glory, and the youth program Here We Are, all under the direction of Noralis Laurencio.   

Every year Ciego de Ávila stands out, at the national event and several of the programs submitted become winners due to the high quality of the works.


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