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  Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Successful Over 95 percent in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
It was so demonstrated by a recent study showing that the Integral Neuro-rehabilitation Program improves the physical component (motor abilities) over the mental one (memory, language, and concentration disorders, among others).

According to Dr. Sara María Díaz Díaz, a first degree specialist on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation who was a member of the investigation team, female patients were majority while 50% of the patients were retired workers.

The above mentioned program was started in this health institution in 2003 for the treatment of this inflammatory nervous disorder which is the first cause of neurological impairment in young adults.

Patients from all over the country have come to this hospital which was selected for the project taking into consideration both geographical and environmental facts as well as the commitment of the staff.

According to international health organizations’ studies, one million people suffer from this disorder in the world and 3 000 of them are Cubans.


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