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Forest Havana
Experts working with an environmental preservation project at Havana’s Metropolitan Park thanked the technical and financial contribution made to the initiative by Non Governmental Organizations from different countries. 

Consultant Juan Jose Paretas praised the cooperation by Canada’s Evergreen, Italy’s Cric-cospe, Belgium’s Oxfam, Holland’s Hivos, Germany’s Bol Foundation, the Canadian Urban Institute and Spain’s Junta de Andalucia, and other NGOs to the reforestation program underway along 700 hectares of the Havana Park.

Although the largest investment was made by the Cuban state, Paretas described as crucial the participation of the NGOs in the implementation of the project, which boosts the reforestation of the Park, and the development of gardens and agriculture.

The project also includes, as part of its environmental component, the cleaning of the city’s Almendares River, currently polluted as well as the development of urban and social infrastructure, environmental education, among other initiatives.

The program highly considers self-sustainability by means of appropriate environment management practice.

Source: CubaNow

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