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A new Website on the life and work of Cuban-Argentinean guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara is being given the finishing touches prior to publication by graduates from the Poli-technical Information Technologies Institute, in central Santa Clara province.

The site is on testing stage prior to its posting on Internet with the cooperation of the Webpage of the local Vanguardia newspaper. The new Website was the diploma work of graduates Ivey Leon Muñoz and Randy Bartumeu.

Leon Muñoz said that the Site contains information about the revolutionary life of Che, his writings, letters, as well as a huge photo gallery illustrating several stages of Che´s life. Also included in links, are spaces featuring information Che´s inclination to sports and on the monuments raised in Santa Clara in his memory.

The Vanguardia online newspaper will offer its platform to host the new Website on Che, said I.T. specialist with the provincial publication, which offers updated information on the territory where Che remains are currently resting.

The new Website will serve as a useful tool for students, journalists and other professionals.


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