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The first digital scientific magazine, from the Cultural Heritage Provincial Center, in Cienfuegos, was presented.

David Soler Marchán, researcher and museum expert, explained AIN that the text is dedicated to the management and interpretation of heritage, a theme which is dealt with from the perspective of the specialists.

Under the title Patrimonium Numen, this new project will be hosted in the Azurina digital site, a place to promote the artistic work in the territory.

Soler Marchán expressed that in the initial number there is a text on local and national monuments, restoration and conservation awards.

He added that it includes a research on the methodology for the inventory of the heritage tourist attractions, as well as the announcement for the Cultural Heritage Research Workshops, which is to take place in the province in the month of October.

Among the articles from the current volume there is also an architectonic guide of Cienfuegos, the only Cuban colony founded and inscribed by the French 190 years ago.

Patrimonium Numen will come out every three months.

Source: Cubarte

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