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Genetics Laboratory

A new technology for the diagnosis of Congenital Sicklemia, an ailment that deteriorates the patients’ quality of life and leads eventually to death, will soon operate at Holguín Provincial Center for Medical Genetics.

With the input of modern equipments, its laboratories will also be able to assess most metabolic disorders, a process so far performed only in Havana City.

Holguín shows a high occurrence of genetic diseases, such as phenylketonuria, fucusidosis, and hereditary ataxia. Scholars assert the situation is caused by the constituent peculiarities of the region, and many scientists devote themselves nowadays to change that state.

The antenatal diagnosis of malformations, the Genetics assistance, the advice and follow-up treatment provided to patients with diseases both frequent and rare are part of the process anywhere from the communities.

Technicians coming from the nearby provinces of Granma, Las Tunas, and Guantánamo, all came for courses to the center; part of the province system for Genetics, which contributes greatly to the lowest children mortality rate due to congenital anomalies ever in the province.
The system has also implemented an assessment program for mental deficiency and impairment which has increased the patients' quality of life. Some 600 persons receive medical assistance every day.


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