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Cuban poet and essayist Roberto Fernandez Retamar is in Venezuela to receive tomorrow the Prize of Arts granted by the Bolivarian Alternative for Our Americas integration process (ALBA).

The prize acknowledges the lifetime work of creators who have made important contribution to Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Patrimony. The prize will also be awarded to Bolivian film-maker Jorge Sanjines.

Retamar and Sanjines met with Venezuela´s Culture Minister Hector Soto and with representatives of that country´s cinema and book institutions, prior to the awarding ceremony, which will take place in the context of the ALBA Summit.

Roberto Fernandez Retamar (Havana, 1930) is bachelor in Philosophy and Arts, and founder and director of the Havana-based Casa de las Americas institution. He was awarded the Ruben Dario Latin American Prize as well as Bulgaria´s Nikola Vaptasarov International Poetry Prize, among others.

Meanwhile Jorge Sanjines is one of the most famous Bolivian movie makers with a work closely linked to Andean culture. His film Ukamau received over 30 national and international distinctions; he also received the Prize to Great Young Directors at the Cannes Festival.

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