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The extraordinary summit of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) will be held next week in Cumana, Sucre state, Venezuela. The presidents of Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Dominica, Honduras and Venezuela will make a balance and analyze the perspectives for the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad & Tobago to be held April 17 to 19.

"We are going to summon the ALBA in Cumana, very near Trinidad. We the presidents of the initiative are going to be debating for several hours", said President Hugo Chavez in an interview on board the presidential plane.

Besides the members ALBA the president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, has been invited. He said the agenda corresponds to an unstoppable dynamics based in an intense work seeking to strengthen alternative, geopolitical relations in the economic, energy, social and cultural fields.

"This is part of the great project. The national project Simon Bolivar cannot be understood without a geopolitical framework, to be feasible, this requires a pluripolar world", Chavez said and asserted that preps in Caracas advance to host the Second Summit Africa-South America in September this year.  "We are working for the Africa Summit in Caracas next September. All Africa and South America at presidential level. Caracas will be the epicenter of the geopolitical game", he stressed. He highlighted that the advance of South initiatives from Venezuela and other nations over the last years, "has reached maturity, pre-maturity or development."

(Prensa Latina)

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