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In July 2009 the 20th Friendshipment will visit over 130 US and Canadian cities, challenging the US government to revoke the blockade and establish a foreign policy based on mutual respect between the two countries. Up to 150 people will travel to Cuba with construction, medical, school and other supplies collected from groups across the US, refusing US treasury Department licences, as a collective challenge to the blockade and travel ban.

You can participate as a "Caravanista" if you wish or you can contribute to the Caravan by supplying goods to be taken to Cuba to assist in defeating the blockade, or contributing financially to the project.

Information about the Caravan, how to participate and how you can contribute with goods or money will be available at the meeting that will be held at CV Community Action Centre, corner of England and Fourth upstairs at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15.


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