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Movies on Che and Cuba to be exhibited in Italy
Patria o Muerte: imágenes del Che (Homeland or Death: images of Che) was the title of the exhibition that included Cuando pienso en el Che (When I think of Che), the shooting of an interview made by Miná to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, collected in the book Un encuentro con Fidel (An encounter with Fidel).

There were also included the pieces En viaje con el Che Guevara (Travelling with Che Guevara), inspired in the movie by Walter Salles; Diarios de motocicleta (Motorcycle Diaries) and El Che, 40 años después (Che, forty years later), both of them by Miná.

The exhibition also included Comandante by the North American director Oliver Stone, shot in 2003; La hora de los hornos by the Argentinean Fernando Solanas and Compañero Presidente by the Chilean Miguel Littin.

The materials by Santiago Álvarez were especially well received by the public, among them there were several numbers of the ICAIC News Report, apart from the documentary by the Cuban Miguel Torres Campamento 5 de Mayo.


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