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Cuban traditional music an indisputable space in France
An indisputable example is the project Café Vista Alegre, inspired in a bohemian place that existed in Havana from 1898 until 1948, which was presented at a full hall on the week end in Paris a year after its creation.

Cuban artist showed again their great professionalism in the combination of yesterdays and today´s sounds, backed by new audio visual techniques used at the Enghein les Bains Art Centre in Parisian outskirts.

The musician Pancho Amat (image), director of the project, said to Prensa Latina that he was very pleased by the welcome of the public n example that the Cuban traditional music is present and alive.

It is a joy for us, artists born in Cuba, to see how the music of such a small part of the planet as our country, is capable of making so many hearts happy in other parts of the world.

He explained that there are many creators who do not stop in time and present new projects different from the first´s ones.

There are other contemporary composers, who do new themes with texts about social and Cuban problems, keeping the traditional sound, the one of Café Vista Alegre of the first half of the XX century.

Pancho Amat y su Cabildo, the percussionist Ricardo "Papín" Abreu (director of Los Papines), Eduardo "Tiburón" Morales, the former singer of Son 14 and the pianist Emilio Morales, were joined this time by the new feminine voice of Maria Victoria considered the follower of the singer of Cuban country music Celina González.

Anthological songs, such as Perla Marina, Veinte Años, newer ones such as Que Viva Shangó, A Bayamo en Coche or newly created such as cha cha cha Tata Güines, kept the fully filled theatre in a constant movement.

A high note of the show was also the masterly duet between the drums of Papin and the keyboard of Emilio Morales, followed by the solos of the tres of Pancho Amat, not forgetting the interpretations in a country style of Maria Victoria, of Tiburon or the the singer of Cabildo, William Borrego.

As a complement, a great screen showed images of Cuba, its religious rites, carnivals, parties and people and another two screens showed a couple that danced following salon music, a new audiovisual support under the direction of Dominique Roland.

Oscar León Morales, general manager of the Cuban company Musicalia, highlighted the maturity reached by the project a year after its launch and its importance for the future.

We are in front of something very nice we need to rescue for the new generations, to achieve continuity in time and preserve it as something valuable of our popular traditional music.

The executive indicated they will produce a CD and a DVD with the shows recorded this week end. The records will initially have a promotional character and they hope to do a tour in the second semester of the year that may include Japan .

In Havana they will do a documentary about the history of Café Vista Alegre, how it started and it expect to have the participation of some musicians and poets who took part in those afternoons and nights of spiritual pleasure in that place, he added.


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