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The Cuban dance company Lizt Alfonso Ballet on tour around Holland and Egypt
Sources from the group announced that the Dutch public will be able to enjoy the show Fuerza y compás (Strength and compass), their first enriched staging for the season.

After their performance in that country, they will travel to Egypt in order to offer performances in the Opera Theater from El Cairo and Alexandria.

Fuerza y compás, the first play to incorporate elements of Spanish and Cuban folk, mixes the music by the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona (Malagueña and Suite Andalucía) with flamenco.

Founded in 1999 under the name of Danzas ibéricas (Iberian Dances), the Dance Cuba Lizt Alfonso Ballet also includes in its repertoire Elementos (Elements) (2002), based on the influence of the air, fire, earth and water in the formation of the human being.

Another one of the four creations of the company is Alas (Wings) (2006), a tribute to the spirituality of human beings and it is completed by Vida (Life) (2007), premiered that same year in Canada and considered by specialists from that country, one of the best five shows presented in their stages.


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