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Province of Cuba Introduces CO2 Laser Surgery
”This new technique will only be used initially for the treatment of sepsis and skin lesions, such as surgical incisions and osteomyelitis, for the bactericidal effects of CO2 laser”, said Dr. Luis Antonio Vega Abascal, deputy director of the hospital.

"For the next phase we will introduce the laser surgery in the specialties of ear, nose and throat (ENT), Gynaecology and General Surgery", said Dr. René Borrego Díaz, head of the group of specialists prepared in CimeQ, for the performance of this surgical procedure in the province of Holguín, only the second in the country to use this modern technique.

CO2 laser surgery is used to remove damaged tissue or in the treatment of leaking blood vessels, although it can also be used for aesthetic purposes such as removing moles or tattoos. It also allows quicker surgery and patient recovery with no bleeding because the laser beam dehydrates the cell and vaporizes the tissue without causing any harm.

The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) provided a team of laser surgery in all provinces with the aim of expanding this treatment to other hospitals in the country, thus revitalizing the national use of laser surgery.


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