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Marketing techniques to promote Cuban Art
Cristina Amaya, the author of the work and Master in Business Maganement and Marketing, explained that the text resumes more than ten years of her professional work, in the application of the principles of management and marketing to the cultural artistic phenomenon.

The need for bibliography, especially applied to the realities of the Cuban context, inspired by to conceive this book that also includes the experience of those who have made art and culture in Cuba during these years, such as Rosita Fornés, Guille Vilar, Ramiro Guerra and Antonio Pinelli, highlighted Amaya.

Luis Barreiro, vice-president of the Asociación Cubana de Comunicadores Sociales (Cuban Association of Social Communicators) (ACCS in Spanish) highlighted that the work constitutes a contribution to Cuban scientific society in the field of marketing and he praised its testimonial value (33 interviews) and the right balance between theory and practice.

Carolina de la Torre, PhD in Psychological Sciences, pointed out that the book constitutes a critical sight to the complex problem of the art-market relationship, where it aims to widen the limited notion of market as a lucrative space that contaminates the artistic fact.

The book Gestión de mercadotecnia en el arte, launched at the Rubén Martínez Villena Public Library from this capital, includes 430 pages structured in eight chapters and was edited together by the ACCS and the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (Assocaition of Writers and Artists from Cuba).


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