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The Botanical Garden of Las Tunas Cuba
Thanks to his consecration, the garden exhibits an outstanding work at national level.

At present the workers of that scientific center develop projects to rescue and to conserve the biodiversity. The reproduction of more than 80 species threatened of extinction is one of them.

One of the strangest species in the Botanical Garden of Las Tunas is the palm cork whose presence in the planet surpasses the 250 million years. It is considered among the first plants with flowers coming from the Jurassic Period, and according to the experts, it is the oldest alive fossil in the world. In Cuba there are some one thousand palms of this type. The law prohibits and sanctions its commercialization. Abroad the colony decreases to 10 plants in the Botanical Garden of Miami, United States.

Raul Verdecia, expert in palms, discovered together with his Italian colleague Carlo Morici a Cuban palm never seen, the number 88 among those almost two thousand that have been described in the world. They found it in Punta de los Guayacanes, in the hill Loma del Cuero, between Imias and Playitas de Cajobabo, to 50 kilometers of Maisi, in Guantanamo eastern province.


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