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In Cuba Holguin Province Advances in Kidney transplants
Ten kidney transplants have been performed this year in the Lucia Iñiguez Landín surgical hospital, where is expected to exceed the 64 operations carried out in 2008 which was a record year and for the first time performed two transplants on children.

Dr. Teresita Guillen, administrator of the hospital, said that since the incorporation of the kidney transplant program at this medical institution in 1999, it has helped 357 patients from several provinces of the eastern region.

Transplants began in Holguin in 1968 when the first cornea transplant was performed at the Lenin hospital and subsequently two liver transplants were performed in 1994 followed by the kidney transplant in 1996, to total 53 to September 1999, when the service was moved to the Lucia Iñiguez Landín hospital in the same province.

Currently, the Coordinating Organ Center in Holguin, based at the Surgical Hospital, is the best in the country for its achievements.


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