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Buena Vista Social Club is still preferred in Russia
The legendary Cuban band performed here in front of the public of the important Barbikha Village room in the outskirts of this capital.

They will offer yet another recital in a private party before they return midway through the week to Cuba, and there are still offers that they should return during the summer to entertain several shows according to sources of the ensemble.

The people from Moscow remember as a landmark in the history of mass shows here the first Viva Cuba festival in Russia , which took place in July 2008. The end of the opening day was in charge of the Stars of the Buena Vista Social Club.

The thousands of spectators, who withstood the rain all of the time in the Ermitage Gardens backed up at the time with applauses and ovations for close to two hours those that are considered to be icons of the pentagram.

It was impressive seeing thousands of people with their umbrellas or with no protection at all. That reaction was maintained for two days against the weather adversity with Omara Portuondo, Robertico Fonseca and Sierra Maestra, remembers Carbonell.

The director of artistic tours remembers a similar emotion in Japan , which she classifies as the conquest of an identity and a way of being very different to that of the so called western world.

Those artistic achievements demonstrate the universal value of music when it is true and authentic. That is the best remedy for any language, religion or ideological barrier, she reflects.

The universal acceptance of Buena Vista Social Club is reflected in the work projections that they maintain for the rest of the year, even in the middle of the global economic and financial crises.

We will return from Russia to Cuba and in three weeks we will start the spring tour which will take us to eleven performances in France , Italy , Denmark , Turkey and Switzerland , announced Carbonell.

In June we will start yet another two months tour around Germany , Austria , Italy , Switzerland , Denmark , Spain and maybe Greece and Portugal . It will be around 25 concerts, she said.

As something very special, the artistic promoter mentioned the yearly tour around Great Britain that includes 28 recitals all of the British geography. It is the third year on a row that we are asked to do this job, she explained.

We also still have proposals in Luxembourg and other countries before the end of 2009, which means we will have about six very hard working months, she highlighted.

According to the specialist, the secret of Buena Vista Social Club lies in that it maintains its class, the fidelity to what the founders created.

Some of the main artists are not there physically any longer, such as the recently deceased Cachaíto López, Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén González and Compay Segundo. But the band is faithful to the original idea, and that is why we are so successful today, concluded Carbonell.


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