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Big repercussion of the Cuban Cinema Award 2009 delivered to Leo Brower
The news was received with jubilation by a large number of Cuban intellectuals, as part of the celebrations for the 50 anniversary of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry (ICAIC, after its initials in Spanish), that will reach is height today, which is the day when the ICAIC was created.

They coincided in highlighting the festivities for the 70 birth date of the famous artists, as well as his numerous contributions in famous soundtracks for movies which are today among the most important ones in the Latin American cinematography, such as Memorias del subdesarrollo.

In previous occasions eight famous personalities, received this important distinction and it is the fist time a musician will receive it.

Brouwer, who is also an orchestra director and a true composer, has received in the last times another awards in Brazil, Mexico and now in Spain, where the local media of the Andalusia city of Cordoba have recognised his place in the contemporary musical map.

The twenty fifth edition of the Andres Segovia International Event of Classic Guitar, one of the most important in its genre, will be held before the end of the year in La Herradura, Spain and will pay tribute to the Leo Brouwer in his 70 birth date.

In Cuba the also founder of the Grupo de Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC has already received many awards and the National Cinema Award is going to be one of the highest ones in his maturity stage of the artistic career.

Along the year the 70 years of Brouwer, an icon in the guitar and a driving force behind Guitar festivals in Cuba and in other countries, will be a reason to celebrate the talent of a tireless creator and among those tributes, the cinema is honouring by recognising his valuable contributions.


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