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Cuban Drug Raises Survival Rate in Brain Tumor Operations
A Prensa Latina report explains that the drug, named Nimotuzumab (CIMAher), was produced by experts at the Molecular Immunology Center (CIM) in the island. It consists of a monoclonal antibody that inhibits the tumor growth and has been proved effective in the treatment of head and neck tumors, when applied in combination with chemotherapy.

It is currently used on children in the provinces of Pinar del Rio, City of Havana, Villa Clara, Camagüey, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba, and is currently registered in several countries of Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

CIMAher has been denominated an "orphan drug" by the European Medicines Agencies (EMEA) for the treatment of gliomas (a type of cancer that starts in the brain) and pancreas cancer; and by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for gliomas.

The term orphan drug refers to a pharmaceutical agent that has been developed specifically to treat a rare medical condition.
Researches continue in Cuba to determine if the drug is equally efficient for the treatment of other solid tumors such as breast, prostate, pancreas and lung cancer.


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