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South African Ambassador Awarded Friendship Medal in Cuba
The distinction, granted by Cuba’s Council of State on a request made by the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP), was bestowed by Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Foreign Affairs Minister in a ceremony at that institution.

Ivan Mora Godoy, director of the Sub-Saharan Africa department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the ceremony attended by Kenia Serrano Puig, ICAP’s president, highlighted Thenjiwe Mtintso’s contribution to the collaboration bonds with Cuba, and added that during the five years the Ambassador has headed her diplomatic mission, she has raised the bilateral bonds to a much higher level.

Meanwhile, Mtintso thanked the Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Cuba’s President Raul Castro for their country’s efforts in the struggle against apartheid and the independence’s processes in Africa.

After the elimination of apartheid and the setting up of a multiracial government, both countries established relations on the occasion of Fidel Castro’s visit to South Africa on May 11th 1994, when he attended the Nelson Mandela’s inauguration ceremony.


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