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In Ciego de Avila Cuba Natural Medicine Benefits Patients
The surgical interventions carried out with that anaesthetic method represented 10 percent of the total, as confirmed to AIN Directors of Health.

Specialists of the teaching hospitals Antonio Luaces Iraola and Roberto Rodríguez Fernández, from Ciego de Ávila and Moron, respectively, are the ones in charge of applying that technique in the elective major surgeries.

Professionals of the dental clinics and university policlinics of the area also use these methods, which are related to the students of the José Assef Yara Faculty of Medical Sciences.

More than 40 percent of people that went to primary health care and external consultations took advantage of the gentleness of natural and traditional medicine, which was also used widely in Dentistry and emergency services.  

Professionals of dentistry used the needles for the extraction of teeth in more than six percent of the treated cases with great success.  

The medications coming from plants with healing properties increased in the same period to more than 1,350 000, more than three doses for each Avilanian.

Since last year, Ciego de Ávila has established a pharmacy in homeopathy and floral therapy, prepared to make diverse formulas, and these products are of great interest for the population.


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