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Festival of the Caribbean will be dedicated to Honduras
The inhabitants of the Honduran coast have African origins, came from the arch of the Caribbean and are the expression of a wide trans cultural process and a synthesis between black and American Indian roots, which origins are in the San Vicente island, from where they where expelled by the British colonialists, in the XVIII and those survivors, after a long resistance, being deported to the Roatan island (in Honduras), made of this Central American land their home, although they also expanded to other Central American countries, such as Nicaragua, Belice and Guatemala.

The customs, food habits and cultural and language patrimony of this 300,000 inhabitants in Honduras will enrich the event in the most Caribbean of the Cuban cities. They have another thousand brothers in other Central American countries, a fusion of rites and customs, traditions and culture of strong Caribbean accent.

Over a hundred intellectuals and artists

As it was announced in the Honduran city of San Pedro de Sula, the also called Fire Party in Santiago de Cuba will receive a delegation of over a hundred artists and intellectuals who will pay tribute, together with the Cubans, to the disappeared Honduran anthropologist and sociologist André-Marcel D´Ans, who inspired this event between people and culture of both countries, as a way of mutual knowledge and spiritual growth.

From the 3rd up to the 9th of July Honduras will develop a wide program of theoretical exchanges in the academia level, as well as several cultural activities, in which Central American intellectuals and creators will show to the Cuban public and the Caribbean experts, the wide and diversity of their cultural patrimony, for what they are preparing a wide program, with a delegation coordinated by Rafael Murillo Selva, the current Honduran ambassador in Ecuador, who gave a boost to the development of the stage arts among the Garifunos.

Dance, music and plastic arts representations, as well as theatre and photography and caricature exhibitions and books, will be part of the Honduran proposals that will also include the audio visual and the own food culture, in which coconut bread and casaba are the main ingredients of the garifuno people.

Translation: Rodney López (Cubarte)

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