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Frank Fernández offered a concert at Mella Theater
Frank Fernández played part of the musical history of the island for his auditorium. He did it mostly sublime, from the sensibility of his art, the mysticism coming from his soul when he played his piano.

Frank who has been deeply investigating the national identity through his notes, felt like if Cuba were flourishing between that Silvio’s song “Rabo de Nube”, song registered within the Nueva Trova and Perla Marina that Sindo Garay composed with the romanticism of good songs.

This tender and impetuous Frank of the night stage at Mella Theater, now with his 65 years, did not cease to surprise the Cuban audience there with a Suite for two pianos.

There with a live performance and another that was listened from a recording, Fernandez showed this sidereal influence of the green Cayman with the best of Bolero, that conga from Santiago de Cuba city known as Congo de los Hoyos, the musical reverence of a style with a city name (Habanera), our true solidarity (Vals joropo) and a very local piece,  Zapateo.

His son and daughter Liana María (piano) and Frank Ernesto (oboe) together with the percussionist Yuri del Valle toured their father’s works such as Renacer de Enero (Rebirthing on January),Amar las Bellas Artes (Loving Fine Arts) and confirming music has the care and modesty of  a woman (Liana).

Undoubtedly, Frank Fernández has come to form part of this other dimension, that of the people’s musicians, those never forgotten and melodies sounding on and on like the Ave María Franz Schubert, chosen to inaugurate this special concert of the Culture Week at Plaza de la Revolución municipality. Now I go out and look our beautiful Cuba and in it I can see its entire native heritage with which Frank plays his works. And I appreciate this night where the man played the piano from the very deep of his soul.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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