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Dominican Republics Pushes for Literacy Drive
The official said he hoped churches, political parties' headquarters, and city councils become centers for basic literacy teaching, and expressed the need to update the census about illiterate people in the country.

Statistics about illiteracy might be wrong, said Paredes, who admitted that there are people that, "preserving their own dignity," assert to know how to read and write, when in fact they do not.

According to Paredes, a group of Cuban advisors will be arriving in Santo Domingo next week to assess local teachers.

Cuba has developed the Yo Si Puedo (Yes, I can) teaching method, which can be taught in most languages and even dialects, as it is the case of Haiti´s creole.

Paredes estimated that more than 739,000 Dominicans over 15 years old do not know how to read or write.


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