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Third Cuban Convention on Earth Sciences Geociencia 2009
Under the slogan "Earth Sciences at the Service of Society," about 700 delegates will make presentations in accordance with the 2007-2009 triennial aims.

They are Underground waters, Reserves for a thirsty planet, Natural dangers, Minimizing risk and maximizing preparation, Earth and health, Building a more secure environment, Climate change, and others.

The Eighth Cuban Congress on Geology "GEOLOGIA 2009," the Fifth Cuban Congress on Geophysics "GEOFISICA 2009," the Second Cuban Congress on Oil and Gas, and the Ninth International Workshop on Informatics and Geosciences "GEOINFO 2009" will be held simultaneously to this event.

Also on the list are the Fourth International Workshop on Geology and Exploration of Hydrocarbon potential in southeastern Mexican Gulf (deep waters), and the Fourth Symposium on Geology, Exploration and Exploitation of Nickel Laterites.

The Second Workshop on Women, Geosciences and Society, the Third Symposium on Seismology and Geological Risks, and the Fifth Workshop on Geobiology, Medical Geology and Water Divining will be also included in the forum's agenda.


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