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World Poetry Day in Cuba
Several cultural activities became reality as part of that day, in which actions will be carried out to revitalise this literary genre. The Poetry House of the Havana Historic Centre has celebrated this day in a special way: combining and adding many artistic expressions, as assured Racso Perez, the poet and promoter.

“Since UNESCO selected the 21 of March as a day to sing poetry, the House has celebrated that event. Until our days, every year we make a differentiated activity, which has its own mark as part of the Cultural Program of the Office of Historian of Havana City”- confirmed Perez.

“We have called plastic artists, musicians, poets and all friends who have been in our spaces, he continued. The first year we took the squares of Old Havana and asked a group of plastic artists to recreate the world class pieces made by Cuban poets. Gigantic materials were hanged from balconies. Another year we invited the singer Liuba Maria Hevia, who, for obvious reasons and her strong relationship with Ada Elba Perez, figure to whom is dedicated the House, offered a very special concert. Last year we celebrated the World Day of Poetry linking a group of Havana and Santiago poets to climb the Pico Turquino. In this opportunity we sang to the Hero and the country. Then in Heredia´s House, we made a recital under the aegis of the verse and the atmosphere that around us is radiated by poetry”.

This year proposal invites to find the links between the verse and humour. “The House has joined forces with the Centro Promotor del Humor, who are taking very seriously the idea. We will try always to recreate the humour there is in the poetry of important Cuban poets, such as Eliseo Diego, Nicolás Guillén and Wichi Nogueras, who had a very important area dedicated to show the humoristic vision of the reality. We will also share a caricature exhibition of important poets of our environment.

The Havana celebration will be on the 20 of March at 5 pm at the Patio de las Yagrumas of the Poetry House.


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