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Cuban photographic exhibition witness of three hurricanes
This great working coordination spread through the world over 300 pictures, out of which 65 are exhibited at the Casa Simon Bolivar in the historic centre of the capital, with the title Retos de la Naturaleza.

15 photo reporters of this agency and the meteorologist Jose Rubiera, who was in charge of the prologue of the catalogue. Rubiera himself contributed with some images.

The situation before, during and after the hurricanes that devastated the country is showed in the pictures, where are present the men, the women, their values and audacity, the preservation human work and the unfortunate destruction of nature.

The solidarity actions are present in this exhibition, indicated in the opening ceremony Esteban Ramirez, director of the Cuban news agency, who also said that people put in risk their own life in order to save children or old people.

The exhibition also shows the dark, desolating gesture of those people who lost everything.

The exhibition that celebrates the 35 working years of AIN and the 30 years of work in Cuba of IPS also includes the great popular battle for the recovery.

The images show the humanism and even the Cuban grace to face tragedies. The photos show the artistic sensibility of the authors to reflect the pain and revive the hope.

Elsa Methol, IPS director in Cuba, highlighted the collaboration links that join them to the AIN and pay a tribute, as an example of those links, to the already diseased Cuban photo reporter Angel Baldrich.

AIN correspondents in every Cuban province, who are carrying out their annual balance, before the celebrations for the 35 years of that agency this 21 of May, took part in the opening ceremony.


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