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Cuba Excels in the Therapeutic Use of Honey Derivatives
The vice-president of the commission of apitherapy from APIMUNDIA, Roch Domerego, a participant in the 2nd Cuban Congress on Beekeeping, told ACN that Cuban professionals have been working in this field of health for several years now, with very good results.

Domerego highlighted the formulation and certification of several medicines of the archipelago to combat different ailments, taking the use of pollen, propoleo, and bee poison as a starting point

Each product- he added- has its own specificity within therapy. Honey, for example, is used for cicatrisation and it's useful to prepare other drugs, while propoleo is an excellent disinfectant and natural antibiotic.

Havana's Calixto García and Frank País hospitals and Finlay Institute have carried out studies on 2,600 patients, which supported the identification and registry of six new medicaments.

These products are mainly used as antibacterial, to cure digestive problems, diarrhoea, broncho-pulmonary infections, herpes, chicken pox, and as a skin cicatrizant.

Attending the event are representatives from various continents, who are exchanging ideas and experiences related to the production, management and care of bees, as well as on the effect of climate change on their development.


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