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Poem book by the Cuban anti-terrorist Hero in South Africa
Guerrero, together with Fernando González, Ramón Labañino, Gerardo Hernández and René González, are being held for more than a decade in prison after an illegal trial that took place in the city of Miami in the United States.

The Five, as they are known through the international campaign for their liberation, were informing the Cuban population on the violent plans of these groups, whose many criminal acts have caused since 1959, thousands of dead and wounded among the Cuban population.

The group of South African lawyers dedicated this day to The Five Cuban anti-terrorists, pointed out the web site of the Granma newspaper citing a PL dispatch.

The session also enjoyed the reading of a poem written by one of the South African lawyers, which he offered to the cause of The Five.

The guild of lawyers of that African country demands the celebration of a fair trial against The Five.


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