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In Las Tunas Cuba Giving Efforts to the Occupation
In few moments I understood their achievements by the experience of an Ecuadorian student: "Your professors are polite. They are more friends than teachers. I had never experienced that fraternal respect."

I suppose that the usual cordial attitude of not few educators are seen common for many Cuban students, until the point they usually lose the surprise capacity before suh a behavior and they forget to thank them.

At the moment, the chore of their Association has a lot to do with it. Its members are intellectuals whose works are consecrated with the educational processes.

This space allows them to ramify the ideas of advancing toward the most remote schools to motivate the creation in the educational work. To belong to the Association of Cuban Educators forces to be trained and to create new ways by means of the scientific investigation, to have exchange of experiences and collaborations with similar institutions of the country and of the world.

Courses, workshops, educational projects, master degrees, and scientific events, are integrated by teachers, professors, and many thinkers.

An outstanding educator of Las Tunas, Doctor in Sciences Julio Gomez, asserts that "in the education one comes to give more than receiving", and for such a purpose the Association of Cuban Educators prepares its members, so that the pure knowledge can be accompanied by love and understanding of the environment, the respect to the diversity and the norms of coexistence, and the family integration, necessary for the children in the formation of their personality.

At present the educators guide - in the classroom and in the community – to the understanding of the gender focus, of the sexuality and its manifestations, as well as in the challenges of the third age. They try to rescue traditions, to prevent the harmful things that causes addiction.

On March six more than 500 teachers of Las Tunas celebrated the 20 years of the Association of Cuban Educators who try to motivate the teaching vocation in the children and young people, a zeal they have for these times.


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