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Cuban Economic Forum Ends
Each day of the 11th International Meeting on Globalization and Development Problems has motivated speeches on the negative economic, social and environmental impacts of the current depression gripping the world.

The urgent need to redesign the international financial architecture focused commissions and works in plenary sessions.

Also on the list is the Latin American and Caribbean right to make its presence felt on stages and debates to solve the present situation.

Today's agenda includes discussions on the response from development banks to the crisis problems, the bank of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America and Bank of the South, as well as the inevitable relation between economy and ecology.

The closing ceremony will also include a special speech by 2003 Nobel Economy prizewinner US Robert Engle, who will speak on financial volatility in emerging markets.

The current financial crisis and recessive phenomena in several parts of the world have been the main course of the meeting of politicians, economists, sociologists, jurists, writers, political leaders and social movements.

Honduras' President Jose Manuel Zelaya and that of the Dominican Republic's Leonel Fernandez attended this economic forum.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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